I have a number of years experience reading and understanding packet labels. My passion is around identifying Additives and Preservatives in our food and how we can best avoid them. I work with Children, Parents and Teachers in schools and the community.

Just over 6 years ago I started asking What’s In My Food and looking at packet labels. At the time I was reaching breaking point with my sons behavioral issues and needed answers. When we removed Additives and Preservatives, then excessive sugar he was a different child.

I want to help you make simple swaps to keep your family happy and healthy.


My VIP Coaching Package consist of:

  • Family Pre-Coaching Questionnaire
  • 20 Minute Phone/Zoom Consultation to work out a plan or action and Goal Setting.
  • Supermarket Swaps Resource Sheet
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Additional Health Resources (Up to 4)
  • In Person Pantry Consultation or one-on-One Supermarket Trip
  • Customised Meal Plan
  • Recipes
  • Phone/Email Support – 1 month


Are you ready to put your families health first?


Contact me for more information.