About Me Re-Introduction

Image-1My name is Victoria, I am a wife, mother of two, I have a big smile and even bigger heart, I’m a passionate foodie, health educator, Mad Food Science Instructor, advocate for children’s health, Cookbook author, small time blogger, I’ve dabbled in massage and essential oils and I am a supporter of low tox living.

As a massive introvert I struggle sharing my life and passion on such a public platform as Social Media, I’m a private person and have a massive fear of judgement. Recently I’ve realised my passion far outweighs the benefits to keeping to myself and I have messages that I want to share and SHOUT TO THE WORLD. #ThanksBreneBrown #Vulnerable

So here goes…

My story features a lot around my sons behavioural challenges, raising a newborn, dealing with a rouge child, working 50+ hours a week, a partner that was working equally if not more hours a week, I was living a life full of stress. As I began to seek out answers I came across a podcast on additives in food and how they affect behaviour (Thanks Additive-Free Lifestyle, Episode 5). I was mortified when I started reading packet labels. As I was at breaking point I went to extremes of removing all additives from our pantry and fridge. This meant extended shopping trips with what quickly became my reference bible, The Chemical Maze. Making these changes, also changed my son’s behaviour, so I knew I was onto something and we had to continue.

Since that day we have gone from supermarket swaps, to cooking more foods from scratch, reducing our sugar content immensely, reducing our gluten consumption, putting a particular focus on our individual gut health. We have also gone beyond looking at our food, to removing chemicals from our cleaning products and body products and more recently reducing our household need for plastic waste.

All these changes have led to better health within our family, reduced our stress, improved our relationships, happier kids, less emotional meltdowns, better behaviour, less illness (My son use to have a runny nose continuously for 6 months of the year) and a better work/life balance.

I had a passion driving me to make a change in children’s lives, a vision to teach parents how foods can affect our/children’s behaviour, introduce them to healthier homemade alternatives and to show parents that are struggling with behavioural challenges (like I was) that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to offer my support.

I was given the opportunity by The Root Cause to become a certified instructor of the Mad Food Science Program™. A program delivered to children in schools which focuses on eating more fruits and vegetable and minimising packet food. Running this program I have been able to fulfill the passion to make a difference by educating children and parents on healthier food choices. #IHaveAPurpose

So if you feel you can relate to my messages, or know someone who needs help and support in these areas please reach out. I’m always happy to answer your questions.


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